Grubs and Bugs

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A cute little ladybird to add to your garden or pot plants. ..
$4.50 AUD
Ex Tax: $4.09 AUD
A cute little striped bee - approx 3cm x 3cm x 2cm ..
$6.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $5.45 AUD
Tiny little beetles - perfect for the fairy garden - available in light green, green speckle and dar..
$3.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $2.73 AUD
Available in light green, green speckle and dark green ..
$4.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $3.64 AUD
A tiny little caterpillar - perfect for fairy gardens. Comes in 3 beautiful green colours -approx 5c..
$3.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $2.73 AUD
Click on image to view other colours ..
$3.50 AUD
Ex Tax: $3.18 AUD
Pot Plant Snake
$10.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $9.09 AUD
Pot Plant Worms - Glazed
These colourful, highly glazed cute pot plant worms will brighten up your garden or favourite pot pl..
$5.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $4.55 AUD
Pot Plant Worms - Terra Cotta
These cute Terra Cotta smiling pot plant worm will brighten up any garden or your favourite pot plan..
$3.50 AUD
Ex Tax: $3.18 AUD
Available, red, orange, pink, green, brown, blue, purple, yellow, raspberry. Click on image for avai..
$7.50 AUD
Ex Tax: $6.82 AUD
Available in beautiful antique bronze glaze ..
$4.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $3.64 AUD
Wichetty Grubs
$3.00 AUD
Ex Tax: $2.73 AUD
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